Locally Trapped Wildlife are the artist-curators of Saigon's thriving live music scene…

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Locally Trapped Wildlife are the artist-curators of Saigon's thriving live music scene. Once again they are bringing the very best of local rock and alternative sounds to Rocktoberfest.  Come for the beats, the buzz, and beers.

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Are you ready to Rocktober? Selected and presented by Locally Trapped Wildlife this year's Rocktoberfest hits the high notes with the best of Saigon's rock and alternative beats. From Japanese Ska to Saigon Pop Punk, Psychedelic Rock to Blues Rocktoberfest is set to be the rock and alternative music event of the year.

Free entry and guaranteed good times for the weekend you've been waiting for all year.

Locally Trapped Wildlife has firmly established itself as the showcase for local rock and alternative music in Saigon and Rocktober is your chance to tune in for free to the best the HCMC music scene has to offer. Party on.

Stay tuned for details of the line up.



OPNAIRDRGMKT (Jangle Rock), Skeleton Goode (Psychedelic Rock), Hem Hem (Ska), Tran Toan – K300 (Rock), Wayfarer State (Folk/Blues), 7uppercuts (Punk Rock), The Kanonos (Garage/Punk), Anesthetic Youth (Rock), The Last Jackals (Rock n Roll) & The Goldilocks Zone > (Rock)

DJ Superkid (Indie) & Merith Fulton DJ Set (Indie)



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The headliners on Sunday night, punk meets pop, Saigon style, when 7 Uppercuts take the stage.

Raw energy, pink hair, yep it’s punk pop because, you know, it’s Saigon and it’s Sunday. If you haven’t rocked out to the uppercuts you’re not really from here, are you?

7 Uppercuts - will leave you reeling

7 Uppercuts - will leave you reeling



“Noisy jangly dynamic put-it-all-out-there kind of loud, soft, brash humble.” Gavin from OPNAIRDRMKT enjoys playing with dischordant harmony… and loud music.

Spoiler alert but if you look closely you may realise that OPNAIRDRMKT, as well as being high energy local guitar music purveyors to the Saigon scene, also includes Gavin Pilisi (left in photo), and Stephen Murphy (second left) who together are the concert curators from Locally Trapped Wildlife. As well as choosing the best blend of talent to trap they are here to rock Rocktober with their jangly guitar indy rock. Nothing says ‘high-energy Saigon inertia’ better than OPNAIRDRMKT.

OPNAIRDRGMKT (OADM to their friends)

OPNAIRDRGMKT (OADM to their friends)

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The Last Jackals

The Last Jackals – rock n roll – Saigonese rocker Mikey Ramone, young, eccentric, and really talented.

Right from his name you know that Mikey Ramone doesn’t hide his musical tastes and last year The Last Jackals treated Rocktoberfest to a Ramones cover set but this year the local rock outfit is going to present a mix of covers and original work - all to a rock n roll beat, natch. So ladies and gentlemen let’s hear it for Mikey, Andy, Kyle, and Slowhandicap…… The Last Jackals.


Hem Hem Saigon - 胡同胡同西貢

“Hello world! Please come and dance with us! Let’s do SKA!!.”

It’s not every day you get to see a ten-piece Japanese Ska band so whatever you do this weekend don’t miss the opportunity to rock your inner Rude Boy/Girl.

我們由14名日本人組成。 我們在越南,泰國,柬埔寨,台湾和每個國家都有比賽。我們在越南的Vibe Nation Beach Fest 2018演出,作為主舞台當天的最後一個表演者。你好環球!! 請過來和我們一起跳舞! 讓我們做SKA !!

Which roughly translates as “Composed of 14 japanese people. we have played in competitions in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan as well as being the closing act of the main stage at Vibe Nation Beach Fest 2018 in Vietnam.
Hello World! Please come and dance with us!! Lets do SKA!!

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The Kanonos

The Kanonos are a two piece garage/punk outfit from our very own HCMC.

Saigon scene sophisticates may recall that frontman Bryon, was part of Space Panther - the darlings of the scene a few years back. Although claiming to be Portland based this is very much a Saigon expat sound and with catchy lines like “I’ve been drunk for days….I keep a record” we defy you not to enjoy the vibe. Check them out here.


Anesthetic Youth

Muscular guitar lines from the heart of hard-rock with a fiery front-woman leading the way.

That’s how Anesthetic Youth is described on bandcamp where you can get a taste of this Saigon-based five-piece indie rock team consisting of Giang (vocals… and fieriness), Dan (drums), Jesus (bass), Laura (keys) and Angelo (guitar). On YouTube hits like Heartless and Self Portrait are racking up hundreds of thousands of views (nearly 600,000 for SP) so come find out what the fuss is about.


Skeleton Goode

Skeleton Goode – aka Jack Briggs, who brings us the gift of psychedelic rock from the north of England.

Signed to Mega Dodo Records back in the UK Jack/Skeleton G is a singer/songwriter and according to our sources “simply one of the best guitarists in town”. Time to rattle your bones.

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Wayfarer State

New Orleans born, but Saigon based, Trey Yip performs as Wayfarer State with his unique brand of electric narrative folk blues.

Trey has performed in 15 countries and written over 200 songs and now he brings his blues and gospel sound to Rocktoberfest 19.


Trần Toàn

The award-winning Hanoi legend.

Trần Toàn has been a part of the Viet music scene for the last two decades having originally made his splash as part of Red Tide (Thủy Triều Đỏ); a first wave Hanoi rock band. With his band K300 he has continued to develop his own brand of funk rock now available for your pleasure at Rocktoberfest.

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Green Means Go

Lilting roots soul

If you’ve followed the Saigon scene over the years and caught the likes of Mekong Delta Force, Tofu Band, or Ugwae then Green Means Go is going to be a familiar face. Performing solo for Roctoberfest Green Means go brings lilting melodic roots and soul to the stage.