Auto belays are brilliant. Let's be clear about that. They're always waiting for you no matter what time you turn up, they let you play right away, they're never in a bad mood, or late, and they never let their attention slip. Auto belays are a gym climber's best friend, but every gym climber at some point starts to wonder if there's maybe something more out there.

Every wall at Push is fitted out with lead climbing hangers ready for gear placement so you can step up your climbing game and train for a wide world of possibilities. In addition to being able to lead climb every wall at Push Climbing, we also offer a series of weekly events specifically tailored for lead climbing.

So if you want to see a bit of lead climbing in action come along to Onsight Friday and if you think you could develop a taste for this then watch this space because Lead Lessons are in the Push pipeline.



In lead climbing you fix yourself to the wall as you go.

That could be by attaching to bolts (take a close look at the wall at Push and you'll see them) with a quickdraw. As you progress you clip on to the next bolt up or fix your protection to the wall directly and that means that if you slip or miss that grip then you only fall as far as your last anchor point.

Maybe you are new to climbing, or maybe you just haven’t stepped up to the plate yet. Well it’s never too late to try, as we also offer a wide range of climbing courses to sharpen your skillset.