Let your little monkey loose in the Jungle Gym specially designed to give a taste of climbing in the form of a playground.

Adult supervision is required during activity time. Kids must be taller than 80cm.



Climbing has real physical benefits for kids. It combines both strength and cardio qualities. When kids climb they are working on endurance, dynamic strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Pulling up as they climb helps develop upper body strength. Gripping exercises fingers and strengthens sinews. Stretching and balancing on a climbing wall also builds the core. That's strength and motor skills right there.

Climbing is a brilliant way to help kids develop coordination not least because a climbing wall, with its riot of brightly coloured holds mean they have to plan their way through and exercise the hand-eye coordination of following the right sequence of colours given to them by instructors. Because climbing means using both sides of your body, alternating feet and hands, left and right, it's also great for bilateral coordination.

If your kids already like climbing things then a climbing gym, under the watchful eye of an instructor is by far the best way to learn. Here they can find out more about grips, about holding on to things that aren't easy to hold on and what grips they can trust their body weight to, and what they can't. Far from being a risky place a professional climbing wall is the best place on earth to learn to fail and fall safely.