Climbing Summer Camp

From 5 - 16 years old

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Summer is coming…

Lucky for you Push has got it covered with the Push Climbing Camp. For just 1.5M VND kids from 5-16 years benefit from kids' yoga, climbing lessons, jungle gym and Push membership all under the watchful eye of Push instructor.

The Climbing Camp is designed to introduce rock climbing to children from 5 to 16 years old in a fun and challenging way that boosts confidence, coordination, and fitness. The program includes professional coaching in climbing with a focus on problem solving, adventure games, and challenges.

Climbing comes naturally to kids, and once a child scaling a tree was pretty much the defining image of childhood. Now, however, more sedentary lifestyles, more screen time, urban planning, and time-poor parents are all conspiring to make that less and less common. 

At Push Climbing Camp we aim to reintroduce children to the natural challenge of climbing in a fun, safe, and supervised way. Climbing is an ideal sport for children since it combines physical skill with mental challenge and they can test themselves without having to compete with others. Because Push uses state of the art safety equipment to secure climbers they can learn to push themselves, to win, to fail, and even to fall in a non-threatening environment.

Yoga For Kids with a qualified yoga teacher is included in the package to encourage the understanding of physical activity combined with relaxation and reflection as part of a complete approach to well-being.

Rock Climbing For Kids – The Benefits

  • Increases Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. 

  • Teaches Hand, Feet and Eye Coordination. 

  • Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem.

  • Increases Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making Abilities. 

  • Stress Relief. 

  • Develop Communication and Listening Skills.

Please find attached a document including all the details of the program.


SUMMER CAMP 2019 includes:

1. Month membership for 2 people: kid and 1 guardian/parent

Dates: 03 of July to 31 of july,

from Tue-sun

from 10am to 4pm.

gear for kid is included

for guardian /parent- 50k (shoes + harness)

2. 4 lessons with instructors where kid’s will learn basics of climbing:

* Kid’s yoga

* safety rues & check

*movements & TECHNIQUES on the wall

* warm up EXERCISES

*cool down

* games & outdoor activities

* summer climbing camp certificate of activity

3. closing climbing party with photographer, presents and a lot of fun