Climbing Courses


Climbing Introduction

50.000 vnd

Discover the essentials with one of our friendly instructors who will take you through the basics including stretching techniques and on-wall guidance. 1 hour session.

Belay Course

1.000.000 vnd

20% discount for all Push members

Learn the ropes of climbing, equipment and safety. Instructors will teach you how to belay. Belaying is the technique which enables a climber with a rope to keep their buddy safe as they climb then bring them down to earth slowly and safely.

Kids Program1.jpg

We provide sports training courses and a variety of activities with endless benefits for kids of all ages.

Treasure Hunt

250.000 vnd / per kid

This 1.5 hour activity includes an introduction to climbing and basic techniques while challenging children to collect golden coins placed on the wall. Includes: climbing gear, 2 hour climbing pass, and a sweet gift bag for each participant. Learn more!

Monkey Quest

300.000 vnd / per kid

A 2-3 hour activity where teams compete in a variety of climbing challenges. Each group rotates between stations and the champions are crowned at the end. Includes: climbing gear, 2 hour climbing pass, team award, game stations, and water station. Learn more!

Team Building.jpg

Climbing is a natural team-building activity. We provide your organization with challenges that will enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their co-workers, and the team as a whole.

Vertical Max

200.000 vnd per person

Conquer the world's tallest buildings by climbing their height on our wall in this 1-2 hour activity. Our instructors will teach the basics so that every member of the team can contribute toward reaching the group's shared goals. Includes climbing gear, intro course, games & activities, and 2 hour climbing pass. Learn more!

Mine Field

200.000 vnd per person

Designed to balance team and individual performance, this 1-2 hour activity tests balance, focus, and control of body movement. Each team member will climb to different checkpoints while avoiding the mine field. Includes climbing gear, intro course, 2 hour climbing pass, games, and activities. Learn more!

Top Champion

300.000 vnd per person

This 2-3 hour competition will have your group sorted into teams that compete against each other in various climbing challenges. Each station will test different skills that encourage team communication, focus, and determination to achieve your goals. Includes climbing gear, 3 hour climbing pass, intro course, game stations, water station, and team award. Learn more!