MoonBoard Monsters Competition - Grab a partner and get cuddly with our MoonBoard this weekend


Push has the FIRST MOONBOARD IN VIETNAM (did we say that loud enough?) and we think it’s time for you to come play. So this weekend, in preparation for the MoonBoard Masters competition this month in England, we are planning our own little competition as a fun and friendly way of getting to grips with the bouldering game changer.

The way it works

Each team is a mixed doubles. You don’t have to be married, or even like each other that much, but each team is one man, one woman.

You get one hour to set your two problems; one for each of you. Yes that’s right you set the problems and not only that but you carve your mark in history by adding them to the MoonBoard App (we can help with that bit). Then all the teams compete on each others set routes.

That’s only fair, right.

What you win;

Honour, glory, the undying admiration of your fellow PushPeeps. Two free day passes and the Push members’ price for the forthcoming Rocktoberfest (270K per ticket instead of 400K on the door). No we’re not handing out money or the chance to appear on your own TV reality show but we do promise a whole bunch of fun.

Where do I sign up?

You sign up right here friend, and it’s FREE


Sunday 8th of Sept, 2pm

Full rules can be found on the registration page