Fave Climbs; La Filthy Gringas

Josh gets Filthy

Josh gets Filthy

Push Instructor Josh Suson is from Cebu so might be expected to choose one of his local sites as a fave climb, but in his case local is best since his favourite, La Filthy Gringas is getting world renown as the word gets out.

Aside from having the advantage of being in Cantabaco in beautiful Cebu the site is also a tufa – the legendary limestone formation famed for its crimping factor and a surface so good that it is commonly copied for artificial walls.

La Filthy Gringas is a 7c+ which is a 5.13a and up depending on which comparison table you take. Come to think about it whatever table you choose it translates to seriously hard and just to mess with you the route starts out easy then gets truly crimpy

“It's a style of climbing that fits me so well. I really like the lesser holds which leave you with no choice but to follow a certain sequence and I love it because of its mix of hard holds, of slopers, pinch, and crimps – everything I love in one place. And of course the scenery is beautiful.”