Pink Panther, Pride Rock, and Mora Mora. Oh no! Chris has been setting routes again.

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Some of you may remember the last time Push volunteer Chris Taljaard was let loose on the routes.

He brought a flavour of his South African homeland with him and gave us such delights as Tokoloshe and Footloose. Well he's at it again creating more maddeningly satisfying routes to the top on the all-new wall at Push. Come meet Chris and enjoy his creations.

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Pink Panther

“Well the holds are the colour pink so that naturally suggested the name, but in fact the route is notable for a lot of fancy footwork. It plays best to the smooth, sophisticated, sure footed kind of sophisticat.”

The Pink Panther, if you remember, was the name of the precious pink diamond in the films of the same name. This is your chance to show your class on our bit of precious rock.

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Black Panther

Chris’ African tastes extend to his climbing gear

Chris’ African tastes extend to his climbing gear

“Then there's the Blank Panther which is an extension of the Pink Panther but one level up.” That means that it has mostly the same moves but then it varies and gives it a twist that demands the athleticism of T'Challa. Plus the holds are made of pure vibranium. Possibly.

Mora Mora

”Mora Mora means 'slowly slowly' or 'take it easy' in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar. The whole route is a corner route; a stemming route so you're not lunging for jugs but instead using the holds in two ways – both gripping on and pushing off to go up.

One of my favourite climbers, Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, climbed in Madegascar and made a film which he introduces shouting “This. Is. Africa” while hanging off the cliff face. I love it.”

Pride Rock and Zazou

“Why Pride Rock? It's a lead climb that goes up and then out so it's a bit like holding Simba out at Pride Rock in the Lion King. It's also one of the easiest of the lead climbs and a great one to start out with because it gives you a sense of exposure the the feeling that you really achieved something as you climb. Then there's Zazou, the little bird, who is the lead up to it.”

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While the African taste in Chris' routes comes out strongly it's worth noticing that his menu does extend to a little local flavour.

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Bún Chả

“Bún Chả was the first Vietnamese dish I tried here so the route gets its name from the fact that it's nice and easy, a lovely introduction that simply everyone should try while they're in Saigon.”

Like Chris’ routes? Think you could come up with a better name? There’s a competition coming up to name some of the new routes being set on the Push’s all new climbing and lead wall. Drop by and ask for details

Steve Shipside