It's transforming! Bigger, Better, Badder

Push is about to transform from mild mannered Bruce Banner to…….  pic shamelessly borrowed from Dale Keown (Marvel Comics)

Push is about to transform from mild mannered Bruce Banner to…….

pic shamelessly borrowed from Dale Keown (Marvel Comics)

Rebuilding - closing times

At 10pm on Sunday 14th Push closes down for three weeks of total transformation as we reshape and relook the walls, the shop, even the skate half pipe and put in totally new features to keep our PushPeeps of all ages happy. That time will be credited to any memberships so your membership is automatically extended by the time it takes us to reinvent your favourite climbing zone.

New Push - what can you expect?

Walls that lean in at 5 degree angles. 500 brand new holds and volumes, and a completely new wall dedicated to leading.

Everything will be weather protected so that you can climb no matter what the rainy season throws at you


MoonBoard Madness!

Train Hard, Climb Harder!

Train Hard, Climb Harder!

Don’t know what a MoonBoard is? Nope, nothing to do with Michael Jackson, the MoonBoard is coming to Push and it will blow you away. So as the MoonBoarders say; Train Hard, Climb Harder. We’ll be explaining more about the MoonBoard on our Push Blog page over the next week.

New Decathlon Shop

The new Decathlon shop won’t just look pretty: there will be the full range of Decathlon climbing gear available. Plus with more Decathlon rental gear you can try out Decathlon’s climbing kit on our new walls and immediately buy it with Click and Collect.

New Jungle Gym

long thin Ivy.jpg

Happy kids make for happy PushParents and the all new Jungle Gym will be padded and fully enclosed for your peace of mind. That includes the brand new spiral staircase to get up there.

With holds and volumes on the climbing wall, monkey bars, rings, and swinging balls there will be plenty to ensure that you can get on with chilling out safe in the knowledge that your little beasties can go wild in safety.

skaterboi small.jpg

New Skate Bowl

Yeah dude, you read that right. The old half pipe is history - all hail the new bowl.

The bowl gives old hands the chance to slide and grind to their hearts’ delight while being a little less scary for newcomers dipping their toes and decks into the bowl for the first time.

Hang loose, hang out, hang tough, but whatever you do hang on in there for the all new Push Climbing and check out our Facebook page and Blog page for more information as we go.

Steve Shipside