Decathon: Sport for All, All for Sport

Decathlon’s Simond chalk is one of a range of specialty sports equipments provided by the legacy outfitter.

Decathlon’s Simond chalk is one of a range of specialty sports equipments provided by the legacy outfitter.

If Decathlon’s slogan sounds just a little Three Musketeers it’s no accident.  

The blue brand has been a staple of French fitness since it opened its first shop in 1976. It’s now one of the world’s largest sports retailers. Its stated mission of making sports accessible to the many fits perfectly with our own welcoming approach at Push Climbing. In Vietnam Decathlon carries an incredible range of sports kits from head to toe at three levels of skill (beginner, regulars, and expert) for more than 50 types of sports from scuba diving to rock climbing and it does so at a price point that balances affordability with really usable quality.  

The group has steadily acquired specialist gear makers over the years and also sought to preserve their skills and passion for their respective sports.  Decathlon’s Simond climbing brand, for example, boasts 150 years of climbing history dating back its origins as a family of blacksmiths in Chamonix. If big buying power is the key to Decathlon’s low prices, it’s a genuine love of sport that fuels the kind of products they offer.

That’s not just their marketing speak, that’s my own personal experience over the last twenty years of being decked out head to foot in Decathlon for at least half a dozen outdoor sports. Decathlon’s goal of getting more people into sport fits perfectly with our own Push Climbing goal of welcoming more people into the sport.  

Its original French slogan, a fond la forme, translates to “a love of fitness,” and that rings true for us too.  So it makes perfect sense for us to partner with Decathlon to provide a “Click & Collect” store so folks can collect Decathlon equipment they’ve ordered online.

Decathlon was on one of the partners that helped make the success of Rocktoberfest possible, so a big shout out to them for that, and for the deals they brought to the festival (I for one left with a full shopping bag). Push Climbing and Decathlon look forward to working together going forward. We’ll be working hard to get more and more people off the couch and into sports.

A fond la forme, indeed. Because fitness should be fun.

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