PushPeeps - Elizabeth Burton

Elizabeth Burton, from Dallas, Texas, was one of the first ever women climbers to take to the wall at Push. She's still to be seen scaling it now but hasn't forgotten those early days.



“I honestly don’t remember how I heard about Push for the first time - it was so long ago! I started climbing maybe 3-4 years ago and at that time the only wall (that I knew of) in HCMC was in D1. It was suuuper small and had only a few routes... but then Push opened and I remember driving to D2 from my house in Binh Thanh to climb. Then I got a new job in Thao Dien and I ended up moving down the street from Outcast. So I would walk over and spend the day working and climbing from Push. I got to know Paul and the other guys working, and it just became my routine to hang out there during the week.”

“I love to climb because it's both a very social and a very independent sport. It's great hanging out with a group and talking through a new/difficult route. But I love that once I get on the wall, it's a physical puzzle that I have to solve on my own. It's also an intense full-body work out, and one of the only times I push my body until I physically can't continue.”

And outside of Push?

“I am mostly a gym climber. I have been lead climbing once with Paul and the Push crew, and I loved it, but that was my only experience outside of a gym.”